January 2019

If you have any notices for January then please give them to the worship leader for that Sunday.

Special meeting of the congregation - 20th January 2019

Our church council has been asked by the SA Presbytery Pastoral Relations and Mission Planning team to give a non-binding indication of what presbytery Balhannah congregation would be likely to join given the decisions made out our last Presbytery Meeting in November.
Church council felt that it would be good for the whole congregation to have the opportunity to consider this matter. To this end we will hold a special meeting of the congregation after worship on January 20th.
Below are some notes for your information.
1. It was agreed to form a new presbytery in South Australia from 1 July 2019. This new presbytery will:
-be a non-geographic presbytery, that is it will include congregations from across the whole of the State of SA;
-have a strong emphasis on mission, focusing on evangelism and church planting (although not exclusively so);
-be committed to provide pastoral oversight to those leaders and congregations who hold to a traditional understanding of marriage.
2. As a consequence of this decision, there will need to be at least one new presbytery formed in SA. In addition to the agreed Missional Non-Geographic Presbytery (MNGP) as it is currently being called, it is assumed that any other presbyteries formed will be more like traditional ones with regional boundaries.
3. One task group has been created which will be working on forming the MNGP.
4. Another task group has been created and will be working to lay the groundwork to separate the Presbytery and Synod of SA, clarifying which functions will need to remain centralised and also helping form the new presbytery(s).
Copies of this information can be found in the church foyer.
It will help us with our planning if you could indicate your current thinking around which presbytery your congregation is likely to join. This is an indication only, especially as we realise that many of you will be wanting more information and therefore we will not hold you to this initial decision. However an indication of the relative size and shape of the future presbyteries will help with our planning. This will include the number of new presbyteries that we will need to form.
If you need more information on this matter please contact our Chairman - Ron Pitcher

Ministry in Action

Jan 6: Refreshments - R Abraham, W Beaumont: Door and Offering - P and B Crispe: Offering Count - K Wilhelm, R Windle: Flowers - M Houston: Display - S McDonald: Sound/Vision - R Windle: Camera R Wells: Lock-up - B Crispe: Cleaning - B Windle:
Jan 13: Refreshments - G and S Adcock: Door and Offering - P and M Houston: Offering Count - A Pobke, N Rimmer: Flowers - L Wundenberg: Display - K Bassell: Sound/Vision - B Rimmer: Camera G Adcock: Lock-up - K Bassell: Cleaning - R Windle
Jan 20: Refreshments - F and I Bowen: Door and Offering - N Rimmer, A Ballard: Offering Count - S Harris, B Pugsley: Flowers - G Adcock: Display - S McDonald: Sound/Vision - R Pitcher: Camera B Adcock: Lock-up - A Ballard: Cleaning - L Beaumont:
Jan 27: Refreshments - E and J Derks: Door and Offering - C and R Pitcher: Offering Count - S Pugsley, J Barnes: Flowers - M Bull: Display - K Bassell: Sound/Vision - R Windle: Camera K Wilhelm: Lock-up - K Wilhelm: Cleaning - D Rowe:

Bible Readings

Jan 6: Ps 72:1-14, Isa 60:1-6, Eph 3:1-12, Mat 2:1-12
Jan 13: Ps 29, Isa 43:1-7, Acts 8:14-17, Lk 3:15-16, 21-22
Jan 20: Ps 36:5-10, Isa 62:1-5, 1Cor 12:1-11, John 2:1-11
Jan 27: Ps 19, Neh 6:1-10, 1Cor 12:12-31a, Lk 4:14-21

What's coming up

Monday 10.00am Home Group - resumes February 2019
Tuesday 10.00am Bible Study - resumes early 2019
Wednesday 7.00am Prayer Meeting - resumes early 2019


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