March 10th 2019

Lent is a Journey to the Cross

On the Christian calendar, Lent (from Latin, meaning “fortieth”) is the forty days beginning on Ash Wednesday and leading up to Easter Sunday. Sundays themselves are not counted in these forty days, as they are generally set aside as days of renewal and celebration (“mini-Easters” of sorts). The number forty carries great biblical significance based on: the forty days of rain Noah and his family endured in the flood, the forty years Israel spent in the wilderness, Jesus’ forty-day fast in the wilderness, the forty days Jesus spent on the earth after his resurrection, and so much more. Forty days has been used by God to represent a period of trial, testing, and preparation. Likewise, Lent is a season of preparation and repentance during which we anticipate the death (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter Sunday) of Jesus. It is this very preparation and repentance – aimed at grasping the intense significance of the crucifixion – that gives us a deep and powerful longing for the resurrection, the joy of Easter.
As the title of this devotional suggests, Lent is a journey to the cross: meditating on our sin and weakness, looking to Jesus as our perfect example and substitute, and being aware in our worship of his victory over Satan, sin, and death. On the cross, Jesus took our place to calm God’s righteous anger toward our sin and rebellion. He was separated from God so that we could experience union with God. He was crushed by God so that we could be adopted by God. He was raised with God so that we too might be raised with God. The drama of how this unfolded is the story of Lent. The journey of Lent is to immerse ourselves in this grand story so that it might increase our appreciation of Easter and love for Jesus. May we grieve the darkness in our hearts and rejoice in the light of God who came into the world to save us.

Devotion written by Will Walker/adapted by Naomi Rosenberg

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day

Thanks to everyone involved in the provision of pancakes for the community on Shrove Tuesday morning in the Rotunda at the Balhannah Shopping Centre. We raised just over $100 for Uniting Care.

Bible Readings

Mar 10 Lent 1 Dt 26:1-11 Ps 91:1-2, 9-16 Rom 10:8b-13 Lk 4:1-13
Mar 17 Lent 2 Gen 15:1-12, 17-18 Ps 27 Phil 3:17 - 4:1 Lk 13:31-35
Mar 24 Lent 3 Is 55:1-9 Ps 63:1-8 1 Cor 10:1-13 Lk 13:1-9
Mar 31 Lent 4 Jos 5:9-12 Ps 32 2 Cor 5:16-21 Lk 15:1-3, 11b-32 P
Apr 7 Lent 5 Is 43:16-21 Ps 126 Phil 3:4b-14 Jn 12:1-8

Ministry in Action

Mar 10. Refreshments - M Simpson, C Kemp: Door and Offering - J Lisk: Offering Count - J Scott, A Ballard: Flowers - L Wundenberg: Display - S McDonald: Sound/Vision - B Rimmer: Camera - B Adcock: Lock-up - TBA: Cleaning - C Kemp

Mar 17. Refreshments - J Lisk, N Rimmer: Door and Offering - C Kemp, S Adcock: Offering Count - R Windle, D Pearson: Flowers - G Adcock: Display - A Rowe: Sound/Vision - B Rimmer: Camera - R Wells: Lock-up - A Ballard: Cleaning - P Crispe

Breakfast Club Teams

Mar 15 Ron, Bev, Roz, Jo, Barb, Coralie, Brenton, Roger

Mar 22 Ron, Peter, Coralie, Phil, Barb, Brenton, Bev, Roger

Woodside Lions Market Stall

Saturday16th March from 8am at the Woodside Institute. This month’s funds will support the Uniting Church Disaster and Recovery Ministry. Volunteers needed to bake goodies for the March market. Please speak to Julie Turner - Woodside UC, Thank you!


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