22nd September 2019

Luke 16:13

No slave can serve two masters; for a slave will either hate the one and love the other,
or be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.”

In Luke's gospel, Jesus talks a lot about money and wealth. Over 40 times wealth and money are mentioned as points of challenge and opportunity for change and growth. Here Jesus is blunt. "You cannot serve God and wealth." The word used for wealth is μαμωνᾶ (mammon). This was the name of the God of wealth. Money is personified as an idol that stands in opposition to the God of Jesus. Money is not an inanimate thing but has a life and personality of its own that competes with God and tugs away at a person and a society to distract it from serving the true God. Sometimes you will hear it said that the problem is "not money but the love of money." This is a way of softening the message though. The systems that create wealth for a few by excluding the rest work on the basis of scarcity. The God of Jesus works out of generosity that ensures that all have more than enough... when we don't serve the God of money.

Christian Reading

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Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child will begin at Balhannah Uniting Church on Sunday 22nd September and run for six weeks till the end of October. New leaflets need to be checked for changes to items for packing - the box contents are designed especially for children in developing countries. 10.5 million boxes were distributed last year to 112 countries and territories.

A container will be put out for items you would like to donate or make, and cash donations are always welcome. Any queries, see Sandra Harris ph 0438568938

Ministry In Action - Roster

Sunday 22nd September

Offering & Counters -
D Pearson, A Ballard
Lock-up - A Ballard
Cleaning - M Houston
Display - TBA
Greeters & Collection -
S & G Adcock
Flowers - G Adcock
Morning Tea -
C Kemp, M Simpson
Sound & Vision -
R Windle
Camera - TBA

Sunday 29th September

Offering & Counters -
N Rimmer, S Harris
Lock-up - K Bassell
Cleaning - B Crispe
Display - TBA
Greeters & Collection -
J Gordon, K Johnson
Flowers - J Scott
Morning Tea -
S & B Pugsley
Sound & Vision -
Camera - F Bowen

Sunday 6th October

Offering & Counters -
A Pobke, B Pugsley
Lock-up - S Harris
Cleaning -D Rowe
Display - TBA
Greeters & Collection -
C Kemp, A Ballard
Flowers - M Houston
Morning Tea -
S Harris, R Abraham
Sound & Vision -
R Windle
Camera - TBA

Women's Night Fellowship

Craft – Cards and Box by Irene
Tuesday 1 October 7.30pm at the Church

Please bring $3 to cover craft supplies. We welcome visitors for craft nights.

Advise Raelene in person or phone 0418 357 604 or contact Irene phone 0408 422 201

Bible Readings

Sep 22 Pent 15 [25] Jer 8:18 - 9:1 Ps 79:1-9 1 Tim 2:1-7 Lk 16:1-13
Sep 29 Pent 16 [26] Jer 32:1-3a, 6-15 Ps 91:1-6, 14-16 1 Tim 6:6-19 Lk 16:19-31
Oct 06 Pent 17 [27] Lam 1:1-6, Lam 3:19-26 or Ps 137, 2Tim 1:1-14, Lk 17:5-10

OAS Brekkie Club Term 3 Roster

Friday September 27
Ron & Cherie
Andy & Donna
Friday Oct 4

Friday October 11


Future News Items

Just a reminder that if you have any future announcements, please email them to by COB on Wednesday.

What's coming up!

Secret Men's Business - Monday October 7th at 6:30pm

will be at the home of Brenton and Gai Adcock - contact Brenton 0417 808 226


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