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January 17th 2020
Our Intouch newsletter won't be printed or regularly distributed during January but updates like this will be sent out by email as required. If you know someone who won't receive this by email then feel free to get "in touch" with them and share the news.
Bushfire Update From the Moderator
Dear sisters and brothers in Christ
Catastrophic fire conditions continue to have an impact across our country and at this moment we are especially mindful of what is happening on Kangaroo Island.
Across South Australia some people have lost their lives and several have been injured. Many have lost property, livestock, belongings and income - with the full cost of the fires yet to be determined for individuals as well as for communities.
The Murdoch Hill Uniting Church in the Adelaide Hills lost some outbuildings and on Kangaroo Island, the Stokes Bay Community Hall, where the Uniting Church congregation met, has been destroyed. At this stage we are unsure whether other UC property on the Island has been affected, but we know that many many residents have certainly been impacted.
Please join me in continuing to pray for protection for all those fighting the fires, for the people who have suffered loss, for those comforting the people suffering, and for those who are providing practical support.
Along with your prayers, I encourage you to continue to support those providing care to people affected by the fires in practical ways, by donating to the UCSA Relief Fund (details here []) and other appeals in the affected areas. At this point in time, the best donation you can make is money. Local agencies are finding to difficult to handle donations of goods already made.
With the help of your generous donations, the Synod has been able to appoint Rev Matt Curnow and Rev Dr Phil Marshall to work with the communities impacted by the Cudlee Creek and Kangaroo Island fires respectively. Their work will be in addition to, and in support of, the ministers and chaplains already working in the fire-affected communities. Both roles will include assisting congregations to actively demonstrate God’s grace to people around them who are in great physical, emotional and spiritual distress as a result of this disaster.
Recovery from such disasters goes on for months and years; in many ways it is never complete. There will be many opportunities to support people across our state in pastoral, practical and financial ways during this time.
Your continued prayers and messages of encouragement are important and appreciated.
Bronte Wilson - Moderator
The Uniting Church in Bridgewater, through its community arts centre programme is inviting us to share in a high tea. It's a great opportunity for us to support them.
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Induction Service for Matt Curnow
Thanks to everyone who supported Matt Curnow's induction last Sunday afternoon. This was a great time of worship and fellowship as members from many churches, together with our Moderator, and National President. We "took over" the Olive Branch afterwards for refreshments and excellent conversations!
Onkaparinga Valley Ministers Association
Last Wednesday ministers and congregational members from churches in the Onkaparinga valley met together at Balhannah Uniting Church to share in prayer and conversations about how the recent fires have affected us. We had 14 people present representing many of our churches. There was a great sense of cooperation and fellowship amongst us as we spent time listening to each other sharing common experiences and learning about our differences. We have identified some opportunities for working together in providing long term pastoral care to those affected by the fires.


New rosters have been created for the next 3 months and are be available in the foyer. Feel free to trade places and reorganise as required.