8th March 2020

From the UCA President - Deidre Palmer

In the face of the novel Coronavirus, the global community is responding rapidly to minimise the spread of the disease and address its impacts.
There is a certain level of anxiety and suspicion of others that has crept in to our psyche, but we must not forget our call as Christians to love our neighbour.
In our responding as a Church it is most important to heed the advice of the health professionals whose expertise is to protect the community and prevent the spread of the disease, and to be aware of public health announcements.
As the Church, we are part of congregations and communities that are relating to each other in close proximity. Our agencies and schools are responding appropriately to their particular contexts.
As the Church, we also need to respond in ways that are consistent with our vision -attending to people who are most vulnerable, to those who may feel anxious or isolated.
As local congregations, you may want to think about your worship practices, including serving communion, passing the peace and greeting each other in ways that reflect our common life, and at the same time attend to the health advice that we are given.
The situation is changing rapidly so please keep yourselves informed through official health sources in your state or territory.
For now, I offer you a brief prayer and encourage you to share it with those in your communities.
Grace and peace, Dr Deidre Palmer 5 March 2020


Gracious and loving God, Give wisdom and strength to all those in our community and around the world, who are responding to the coronavirus - health professionals, government officials, aged care providers, school leaders.
May those who mourn the loss of loved ones to the virus, be comforted.
May those in our community who are feeling anxious, find peace and reassurance.
May our congregations, and faith communities be places of compassion, attentive to those who are impacted by the coronavirus.
May we be communities of empathy, love and care, in all we face. Through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Girl's Night Out!

Tuesday 10th March. Balhannah Hotel. 7.00pm, Contact Cathy Stanford 0411 098 726

Ministry In Action

Sunday 8th March

Offering & Counters -
J Scott & G Adcock
Lock-up - S Harris
Cleaning - R Windle
Greeters & Collection -
N Rimmer & J Lisk
Flowers - B Windle
Morning Tea -
J Gordon & A Rowe
Sunday 15th March

Offering & Counters -
B Crispe, D Pearson
Lock-up - F Bowen
Cleaning - A Ballard
Greeters & Collection -
F & J May
Flowers - L Wundenberg
Morning Tea -
I & F Bowen
Sunday 22nd March

Offering & Counters -
C Kemp, R MacDonald
Lock-up - A Ballard
Cleaning - C Kemp
Greeters & Collection -
J Gordon, A Moyle
Flowers -M Bull
Morning Tea -
M Simpson, S Harris

Bible Readings

March 8 Lent 2 Gn 12:1-4a Ps 121 Rom 4:1-5, 13-17 Jn 3:1-17 or Mt 17: 1-9 P
March 15 Lent 3 Ex 17:1-7 Ps 95 Rom 5:1-11 Jn 4:5-42 P
March 22 Lent 4 1 Sm 16:1-13 Ps 23 Eph 5:8-14 Jn 9:1-41 P

OAS Breakfast Club Roster

Friday 13th March
Ron & Cherie
Friday 20th March SPORTS DAY
Ron & Cherie
Roz & Belinda
Barry & Natalie
Friday 27th March
Ron & Cherie
Roz & Belinda

Autumn Clean and Working Bee

The Property Committee has organised this for cleaning and maintenance of our church on Saturday 28th March 2020 from 8:30 am onwards.
Come for an hour, or all morning - pick your favourite job or one you've noticed needs doing. Extra tools are useful if you have them.
Any queries to: Bevan Pugsley - 0428 888 091 or Sandra Harris - 0438 568 938

Post Bushfire Plant and Garden Recovery

This group has helped after the Pinery and Sampson Flat fires and is all geared up to do it again. They give assistance, plants, garden products and encouragement to help people regenerate and replant their fire affected gardens. I am growing plants for them, and if anyone has medium to large plastic pots to give away or other useful garden products, or would like to help, I would be grateful - can be collected - Sandra Harris 0438 568 938

Packing Day 2020

Most of you will be aware that we have Packing Day/s located here at Balhannah UC during the first week in June. Previously it has been organised by Jean Mur and Lorraine and Trevor and we thank them for their diligence and organisation over the past years.
This year Packing Days will be:
-Tuesday June 2 from 12 noon and
-Wednesday June 3 from 9 am
We will be sorting clothes on Tuesday and packing them into boxes on Wednesday to support Indigenous communities in Central, North and West Australia for Op Shops and Aged Care Facilities.
We will also be collecting new products – handmade or manufactured – for sale at the Old Timers’ Fete at Alice Springs, which is held later in the year.
If you could mark these dates on your calendar, and keep these free, we would be really grateful.
You will find a preliminary list of goods needed in the foyer, so please take one. We will keep you up to date if requirements change, from time to time.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Bev & Peter

Uniting Church e-News

What's coming up!

Hungry No More: Our first commitment is Sunday March 29th. If anyone is able to help, please see Michelle Bull. Our other dates for 2020 are: Sunday 31st May, Sunday 23rd August, Sunday 15th November.


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