Church Council met on Tuesday evening. We discussed at length, and in detail, what our response to the current COVID-19 pandemic will be.
We are clear that our priorities for this congregation are to continue to offer public worship and to engage in pastoral care for each other and our community.

For worship we are planning this week to do some things differently.
We are distancing chairs in pairs for couples and singly for others.
We will not be having morning tea and refreshments. People are encouraged to talk with each other outside after worship.
A plate for our offerings will be placed near the door.
We will not be sharing in holy communion.
We will stream this weeks worship service on our facebook page at
We will be curating a range of online resources on our website at
If we receive advice not to gather we will look at other means of building our community together.

For pastoral care, Church Council is gathering and co-ordinating a team of members to build a network of regular contact for those who are part of our church family and our wider community.
We are looking to find ways that we can encourage and support each other over the next few weeks and months. Things are changing quickly so we need to pay attention to each other and our best sources of information.
Here is a prayer we can use each day...

When we encounter anger – grant us peace
When we encounter fear – let us find understanding
When we encounter unfairness – help us to seek justice through patience
When we encounter uncertainty – call us to calmness
May the distance we place between ourselves speak of our love, care and hope.