160 years and counting!

This church in Balhannah has lived for 160 years this year, beginning with the building of the Methodist church at Bonney Flat in 1859. This was soon followed in 1863 by the construction of a chapel in Oakbank. In 1887 the Oakbank chapel was extended to hold 150 worshippers. in 1931 The new Balhannah church was built on its current site and in 1999, 20 years ago, this property was extended to also hold 150 worshippers. Over that 160 years thousands of people have been influenced by this worshipping community.

What does all this mean? It means that I have been going through the filing cabinets in my office to build my picture of who we are as a church and how our view of ourselves has changed over time. God’s view of us has remained the same. We are God’s loved and loving people doing our best to serve and support within our community. What do you think the next 160 years will hold? I am not sure those faithful members in 1859 would have imagined us! Is it even possible for us to imagine what the next 160 years will be like?