Keeping in Touch : 31 March 2020

Hi All,

I hope you are all managing ok and keep yourselves well sheltered.

 Thanks to everyone who watched the service on line last Sunday. You can catch up with it at…

There is also a copy there of the sermon that I wrote, No promises that I will write future ones though.

After I finished up with our service I “dropped in” to folks Bridgewater UCA using Zoom. They had done something different to our service but they had a great sense of fellowship.

Many churches are experimenting and working out what works best from them. I’ve put a few examples up at …

And I will put some more in there. Its also always fun to visit the mystery worshipper at …

Let me know if you have requests for prayer that we can include next week.

If anyone wants to record themselves lighting a candle on their phone and send it to me I can include that in this week’s service.

Continue to think of those who are still recovering from the fires. Many of them will be feeling that their challenges have disappeared down the Covid-19 hole.