Carl Hancock

Carl Hancock

Download and read Carl’s recent book “The Mystery of Clodia Procula”

Eighty-five year Carl Hancock has been trying to write stories since his years in Junior School in his, then, mining home village of Aberaman in Old South Wales.

After his time in the University of Wales [MA in Classics] he became a teacher, first of Latin then of English. He moved about quite a bit. Starting in Cynffig School in Glamorgan in 1960, he then turned up in Saint John’s in Cyprus. It was then back to Wales, Brynmawr in Breconshire. Three years later it was on to Tal Handaq in Malta, a school run by the Royal Navy. In 1976 he took a post in the Duke of York’s Military School in Dover, Kent where he taught English a was a Housemaster in that boarding establishment and finally left in 1993. A year later, to his own surprise, he went to Gilgil an up-country town in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. For the first time he found himself in an English type Preparatory School, Pembroke House.

All the locations where he and wife, Myrna, lived proved fertile territory for a would-be story-teller.

His biggest undertaking was probably ‘An African Trilogy.’
‘Marlborough Blues’ was set in the real life background of The Duke of York’s.
‘Keith Lane’ tells about Jonny Johnson, a very bright twelve year old boy accidentally blinded on the surface of  a colliery where he shouldn’t have been. It tells of how he adjusted to his new situation – to become a fine violinist: its sequel is ‘Jonny and Gwenno.’
Amongst others subsequently have been ‘The Banner Man’ and ‘The Vagabonds,’ and recently ‘The Mystery of Clodia Procula’, an Easter story set off by a single verse in the New Testament [Matthew 27.v 19]. There is a sequel ‘Marcus and Susanna’.
So, the old Welshman is still at it. Indeed. The first draft of ‘Nor Iron Bars’ is all but done.